the beginning

created by a commodities trader, turned grape grower - wine making, wine lover

spawned as a village idea close to the holidays in 2013 was the simple notion of using wine as currency to swap for other wines. tradeagrape the app immediately became a virtual wine trading hub that connected wine lovers and anyone curious about wine. The vision grew to include breaking the barrier we considered as limited access to wine. Why be constrained by the likes of waiting lists and traditional models after all. With that, tradeagrape has swiftly expanded to being the all access wine platform – a path to source and secure, as well as the outlet to offer.

Finally, an app that facilitates drinking wines from all over the world, and without having to buy more. tradeagrape has, pun intended, uncorked the wines of the world at the fingertips of the wine loving world. We are a community that engages, celebrates and participates in a dynamic and revolutionary secondary market that’s never existed before.

At tradeagrape there are no boundaries to what you can offer or trade, no rules about how value is established and no barriers to sourcing and securing. Wine gems don’t only exist in wine stores, restaurants, at supermarkets, through online retailers or in tasting rooms. They are under just about every roof. It’s time to try new wines this way! And also snap up the wines you know you already love. Grab those seemingly hard to get wines too, such as those previously only available direct and through wine clubs, or wines from other parts of the world that are actually more local than you realized.

Maybe you need multiple wines for a party, or a special bottle to celebrate an anniversary or birth year. Perhaps it’s that back vintage you enjoyed at a restaurant recently and didn’t know how to find til now. Or because it’s Tuesday and you just feel like it! We agree - you don’t always need an excuse!! And, if you happen to have wines in multiples, or that you no longer care for, offer them up and trade them out. Someone else would love to drink them. You really will be ecstatic when you get wines back that you want!

Life is about people and wine is about sharing. It creates memories and re-creates those lasting ones. It really is on most tables. And is wonderfully immersed in our daily life and lifestyle. We live it, love it and just want to enjoy the pleasure of it more and more. Do yourself a favor and get more wine here without buying more. You deserve it!

So now it’s time to go for it! Have some fun with the thrill of trading and getting wines you want!

so what wines do you want?